Is it weird, that I……

Just went to all of my favorite seed catalog sites & ordered a new seed catalog for next years growing season?

I mean we have 16 days until the end of 2018, but we have 5 months (maybe less depending on your zone), before we can plant anything?

I’m ready for some warmth & green already & technically Winter doesn’t begin till the 21st.

So I have a long way to go.


First post

another view

Welcome to the Back Road Life Blog.

I’m new to blogging (as I am sure you’ll quickly notice), but I hope what I share will inspire you, touch your heart, help you, guide you or just give you something worth reading and a reason to stick around.

I love to write, but not necessarily good at it. I will be posting everything from the struggles & irritations of finding a house to buy, to struggles in my life to, the joys of owning life stock, raising kids and bee’s.

Some day’s…….I just want to not feel like I’m alone in this world & others days, I’ll wish I was. And of course there’s always things in between. :o)

I stopped trying to please English teachers when I got out of High School & college, so……my grammar may not always be proper and my punctuation may be wrong, but I’m here to write & share……and….I think my Aunt said it best. She said that it should be up to the reader as to where the breath is taken or the pause is meant to be, its not up to her or in this case the writer. I tend to agree.

Then again……..I write like I’m thinking, so when you see ………… that’s my long drawn out “well…….. or uh or sigh”. So, I think I’m somewhere in between how she looks at writing & how the English teachers said it needs to be. :o)

Either way……I hope you’ll like my page & what I share. I don’t mind comments being made, but if their rude & hurtful, then I’ll delete them or won’t post them (if they are moderated).

Hugs…..Welcome to my place



Cock a Doodle Doo

That’s  my story, at least on this chilly night. I got tired of listening to everyone from hubby , kids to hens complain, so i put an ad up on craigslist list to get rid of our roosters.

Not that i disagree with the hens, they’ve been overrun by all the new boys from this past zummer. But i thought I’d  share their pictures with you. We have a set of teiplets or quadruplets  or so, so i might have taken a picture of the same rooster twice.

But here we go….


Most of our flock

This is a hen

, our poppa kitty, the King, the boss cat…our old guy. 

Oliver wasaa wild kitty when we reascued him several years back as a roughly 8 week old kitten.  He’s  roughly 12-13 years old.AAnd my baby. we saved his brother too . Babe (the brother) died when he was 11 mos. old. Got poisoned  or something ,  we found him curled up in a ball, sleeping. Well, looked like he was sleeping.

Anyway ,  this is just some of our crew.

More later..

Where’d time go?

Wow…..I didn’t mean to be absent so long from here. It’s been a whorl-wind adventure from the beginning of being approved to buy a house last year.

From the shock of being approved for a VA loan the first time & then being floored at being shocked for a higher amount through another lender to the excitement of being able to buy my parents’ home, to the let down, that…..it would appraise for more then we could afford (if the appraiser was worth a hoot). Then on the miserable journey of dealing with a crap, not really wanting to earn their commission realtor to finally finding an OUTSTANDING REALTOR who not only put up with ALL of my “dumb” questions to going to every length she could to not only answering all our curiosity but her’s too. And she was just as excited about being on this adventure as we were…….then it was time to move……that was a stressful time, then….facing the reality of irrigating a property that we knew absolutely NOTHING about. Which…that in itself was fun(sarcasm) adventure. As the individual that was “renting” our pasture & the neighbor’s pasture 1. didn’t have a clue how to actually irrigate it, wasn’t motivated to irrigate it correctly & 2. overgrazed it & never maintained the fence line. On top of that….he left his (supposed) sprinklers & corral panels (which based on pictures….I still don’t believe they were his),but he left them for several years & 2 sales of the property, nothing was disclosed about it not belonging to either owner & had the audacity to come onto the property while we were gone & take it. He’s lucky he wasn’t shot or arrested (I might have grazed him if I would have been around, definitely would have had him arrested for theft), but hubby didn’t want to pursue either option, which still makes my blood boil.

But! Thanks to my folks, we were able to put the livestock over on their place (minus horses) which gave me time to let one pasture grow (& saw exactly what they eat…….which was shocking) & all of us went through through the pile of water lines to try & put together enough pipe  to water the east & north pastures. It required a LOT of moving pipe around all the time to do a decent job. The north pasture never got watered prior to us, from the looks of it, so to see that come back & start producing a good amount of grass was nice.

We have about an acre or 1/2 acre for a front yard to mow (thank heavens for a riding lawn mower). But now……we’ve reached 1 mile stone of 1 major holiday under our belts.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving here with my folks…….it was awesome. Now, we’re about to celebrate our First Christmas here….. YEAH!!! 

I’m not sure how it’s gonna go since we’re still playing catch up from all the moving, cost of it & cost of replacing the irrigation stuff & panels that were taken & repairing some of the sprinkler system for the yard (no one apparently was smart enough to drain the sprinkler lines for the irrigation or yard. OH & after repairing a line….we discovered that under a LOT of debri in a corner of the yard, that there’s at least 1 new sprinkler that waters out there…..which is hard since it’s been neglected for years & has TONS of pine needles burying a bunch of branches & stuff that’s on top of more pine needles…..so that’ll be fun to discover more stuff.

Have LOTS of good herbs surrounding us now, so it’ll be fun to harvest them, I just let them grow this year & enjoy the abundance of water.

Plus, moving, unpacking, rearranging & learning everything didn’t leave much time to enjoy all the mullein, Plantain, Chamomile, Tansy & others this year.

We bought a new Doe & buckling this summer….not exactly what I was looking for……but they’ve been a nice addition. He will be a dad around Feb., I can’t wait. I love having baby’s running around, the tricky part will be keeping them in LOL

But we’ll have our first batch of fresh raw goat’s milk in over a year. Won’t get anything from the cow till next year because the brat has been determined not to come into heat at the right time (ON Thanksgiving day is not it).

So, hopefully we can pick up a pregnant cow this year to get at least  some fresh cows milk.

My folks gave me 2 turkey poults this summer…..I was hoping that 1 would be a hen so we could start raising & selling them. But……..no. I got two Tom’s. So……..Try again next summer.

I’m still not use to saying “it’s our farm”……but I am so very thankful that we now have heat to keep us warm on these cold winter days that doesn’t jack up our power bill to over a $1,000 by this time of the year…..I am so very very grateful for not having that bill as I enjoy the furnace running (as it is right now) OR having wood for our very own fireplace.

May your Christmas season be a joyous one & your New year be the beginning of a good year.

Summer may be here

Written June 23, 2018

I have been lax in writing lately, not that I haven’t thought about doing so, but because with the new responsibility of home ownership, there’s also the new (& renewed) duty of upkeep.

It still hasn’t truly sunk in that we “own” this property. But it makes me wonder why it wasn’t for sale a lot sooner. There’s at least 20 years or more worth of pine needles & pine cones on one corner of our property and…..much to our surprise, somewhere under it all is some sprinklers.

We surmise this, by the fact that there’s a small PVC pipe that runs from the yard under the “bridge” to this section. So…..the plan of borrowing a tractor to dig out the pile of pruned branches that lie under a THICK layer of pine needles & cones & weeds too. Is out of the question. ……. unfortunately.

I look out my office window, past the need to take some white vinegar to get the hard water build up off of the outside, look at the 1/2 acre plus yard (or at least a small portion of the big yard), turn my head farther to the north to see the tree lined wall with the north pasture hiding behind it.

Part of me says “About time“, another part says “Its too good to last” & yet another part says “Is this really mine/ours?

I’ve dreamed & hoped for so long to be able to have a place for our kids to grow up in, a place where I can have my horses & my cows (for a long time, goats were not a part of that dream LOL) & I can raise the cows up to butcher or sell.

Right now……I’m watching 3 spiders on my office window, I don’t know if they’re trying to go after the fruit type fly’s that are on the inside of the screen, chasing each other or strangers to each other & fair game food wise. The 2 bigger ones are gone & the smaller one left is zipping around the screen like its in a panic or frantic……definitely not focused on eating as it keeps going around the fruit fly instead of pouncing on it.

Anyway, the other 2 spiders are back & I don’t think they are friends, but here I go getting off topic again.

There’s so much to do here (on the farm), that I am finding my computer time to be scarce here lately, we won’t mention how far behind on my email I am.

Yesterday, we had an insurance agent stop by & the conversation got directed towards other things, like the livestock, cars/trucks & it got me to thinking……

I love talking about my livestock. To me, they are more than just a pork chop or steak on hooves, more than a product. My dad’s always telling me (as are others) to not name the animals, because you’ll get attached, then they’ll be harder to have butchered/killed, etc.

Well…….I’ve never listened. Some have been hard to sell or butcher, not because they’re named but because they all have a special place in my heart.

Then…………..there’s animals like Merle (will add a picture of him later) who (if I could have I would have had him butchered, but instead we sold him. He was an incredibly mean boar (male pig) & would as soon eat you as to look at you. He ate numerous chickens, including my daughter’s favorite (& our oldest) Rooster & we couldn’t get to him fast enough. But eating breeding boar meat is incredibly nasty from everyone I’ve talked to.

I love most all of my animals, as mentioned above, there are some I do not care about, but those are a minor few. But……each one of them (good or bad), each have a lesson to teach. They help me to be a better animal caregiver/owner. I don’t & can’t look at these animals as just a product I’m producing.

When we just look at our animals as “things“, we don’t work at doing the best we can to care for them, to keep them healthy and happy, which in turns….helps them & us.

My pigs LOVE to get out of their pens and explore. When they were spotted, sometimes they ran in the opposite direction, but most times they were more like “Ok, I had my fun, I’ll go back to my area“.

My cow, Whiskey, man o man that cow is a character & her son, who will fill our freezer soon or pay for us to go to the store to buy some of the not so well raised meat to fill it. They are both funny & obnoxious.

Update: Or continuation: October 11, 2018

Both of my cows are funny & obnoxious…..when Maurice aka Mo Mo decides that the grass is tastier on the other side, he will find a way to squeeze himself through barbed wire fencing. His momma, Whiskey (we had her sister when they were baby’s & we named her Lullaby). She’s a FANTASTIC mom, a good Nurse cow, which means she will accept other calves that aren’t her’s & feed them well. We found that out the hard way a couple years ago, it was an older steer that was nursing on her along with her calf. That was a scary lesson to learn.

It is now fall (obviously since its October) & we started a fire in the fireplace the weekend before last & I couldn’t figure out why we had to continuously restart the logs, it drove me up the wall…..I have never had a problem starting a fire, whether it was for a fireplace, camp fire or in the pasture. But this go around….holy smokes. So, I told the kids we’re going to let the logs dry out more that we were using, the coals from what we burnt & the ash needed to cool down & everything was going to get cleaned out & then we’d try again. I went down into the basement to clean out the ash trap that’s in the chimney….it was NEVER EVER cleaned out & I mean EVER……  It is literally backed clear up to the fireplace itself….literally. I about crapped my pants a few days ago when I started cleaning it…….especially after a “wall” of ash fell down & plugged up the opening of the little door, but not until after it spewed out a ton of ash on top of me (well my lap & boot). I squeaked & thought…..Mt. St. Helen’s has just spewed again…..she dumped on me…..great.

I know it’s not exactly the owner’s who we bought the house from’s fault……because they never lived in the house…..but technically it is their fault because they never cleaned that aspect of the fireplace. The scary thing is, that the previous owner to them, burnt EVERYTHING in this fireplace……It must have stunk.

And I’m talking…….Aluminum cans (pop/beer), wood with a buttload of nails in them, aluminum foil, some sort of wires, found glass & a Christmas bulb (small, unbroken) & I’m not even done.  It just shocks me.

But……at least now I know…..it’s not my fault that the fire wouldn’t stay lite…..LOL

But back to the critters…..shortly after we bought our home, we lost our little dog (Lil’ Bit)….she had to be put down because her cancer had gone to her bladder & she was having a hard time breathing. She was a rescue that we got 7-9 yrs ago for my daughter, the other dogs were too big for her to be around (we didn’t get rid of them), to love on as they always knocked her down, so I wanted to find a small one. Was suppose to be a Chihuahua, but my husband told L.B’s previous owner we’d take her & after I went over to pick her up…..as much as I didn’t actually want her (she was a yapper….literally wouldn’t shut up), I knew she wasn’t in a safe loving home. So…..I loaded her up & the rest was history. But she’s buried behind my office/bedroom window in our flower bed. I planted some “Forget me Not’s” But got some orange flower instead LOL………Just like Lil’ Bit to be different.

A month or so ago, we also ended up losing our last recent rescue Kitty “Scar”….His brother “Lovey” ran off a few months after we moved, I’d like to think he’s still alive, but…….. Anyway, Lovey is buried on the left side of Lil’ Bit & my Wild flowers never grew…..no surprise. He was always a difficult cat too. But he was a loving jet black kitty that I will always miss, along with our original black Cat Blacky……

This past summer we bought a Momma goat & her buckling…….not exactly what I was wanting or looking for….but closer to our price range & where I was needing a buck……he’s turned out to be a good choice. They are smaller than my main stock, but his momma (Honey Comb) is beautiful (& young) & he (Cloud) was stark white, now he’s got blackish gray highlights on his face & shoulders. He’s still a momma’s boy, but he’s trying to be the herd sire too. LOL He’s a character. I thought my dad had him tamed, but apparently only for him, so we have to start over from scratch. 🙂

Anyway……we also have 4 new sets of baby chicks this year & I got 2 Turkey Poults for my birthday in May…..unfortunately they are both males. And of course trying to find hen’s for them has been a chore. But I haven’t given up hope yet…….LOL



Impaled & healing with Essential Oils

Earlier this month I was out in an area of our property weed whacking, a job that I’ve done for years, even had a job of lawn maintenance for 3 years, where I used a weed whacker & trimmed a couple miles around the company’s property. So……….I have experience.

If you use a weed whacker (especially out on a farm or near thick brush or roads), you know that your going to have flying debris at some point (or maybe I just get more into my trimming then most?) so getting flecked with juicy grass or weeds or thistle (some seem to be juicier than others) & hit with rocks or heavier pieces of plant material or even rocks (depending on where your trimming at) is all apart of the job.

At least for me.

Being hit hard with rocks or twigs is nothing new for me, pain is normal, well, I can say that up until this particular moment in my weed whacking career…..I’ve never been impaled by anything. Actually, never in my entire life, have I’ve ever been impaled by anything. Stepped on, kicked, headbutted (by goats), pushed, knocked down, tripped, fallen off or down, ran into something……all apart of my life’s resume’. But now….a first…..being impaled.

I don’t know what did it, I don’t know where I did it at, I’m assuming the “how” was the force of the weed whacking twine/string. But that’s all that I can tell you out of the who, what, when, where & how questions that need answered that I can give you.

I can tell ya, that it did hurt. I just chucked it up to a rock hitting me (that’s a normal thing), so I didn’t think much of it. I did say Ouch a lot though LOL It did also get really annoying with all the juicy thistle juice spraying all over me, seemed or so I thought, that they were particularly attracted to my arm & shirt. I kept wiping the juice off my arm & finally looked at it to try & figure out why my shirt & arm would stay wet.


I was bleeding.

That’s when I learned that I had been stabbed by something, didn’t know what had done the job (which scared me), didn’t know how deep the puncture was (didn’t really want to know either if truth be told), but I did hope that I could stop the bleeding & really hoped that I wouldn’t have to go to the ER.

I was also debating on whether or not to pull out one of my suture kits & stitch it up (wasn’t really worth doing that, since it’d only need 1-2 stitches at the most.

So………..this is what I did.

I found 1 last big band-aid in our emergency kit (of sorts) & I got out the neosporin & covered things up (I can’t tell you if I used peroxide to clean it out or not, don’t remember.)

Then after buying some more band-aids & giving the injury time to clot. Then when I changed the band-aid for the first time. I used some antibiotic ointment that I made last year for the flu type illnesses we had to deal with. So, I put that on the wound, that was made with Germ Fight (from Plant Therapy) & Coconut Oil (solid). Then all around the wound that was now turning into a tennis ball size bruise (the bruise was originally down under the first band-aid, but quickly spread, which I found interesting) so on that I mixed coconut oil, Tension Reliever, Lemongrass & Peppermint oils together along with Vitamin E added to the mix & had made a lotion instead of ointment & I put this combination all over the wound.

All that’s left is the hole, which is smaller now then what it was, which is now a smaller hole that’s pretty much healed.  I put the ointment on the wound twice a day.

Its been an experience to go through (wouldn’t suggest doing)but it continually proves to me the great power & ability of essential oils, I’ve witnessed the same with herbs.

Medical disclaimer: I can’t & won’t recommend anyone try or switch to using essential oils without consulting with a herbalist, aromatherapist, naturopath or a western medical dr who has knowledge of eastern medicine as well as western medicine. Using oils or herbs is NOT something to play around with. Seek medical care from a licensed Dr or Nurse Practitioner.

New Changes to my blog

I started started this blog to highlight my livestock and the products I create from them (ie using their milk to make ice cream, cheese, cottage cheese, lotion, soap, etc), but it was the website situation I was hoping for and then of course, it got WAY OFF TRACK with some other things.

So, I just spent the last 30 mins or more deleting a lot of the non-essential posts that had nothing to do with what this page was intended for. Some of the deleted posts will go to another blog & others just simply went into the trash where they belong, as they are no longer relevant.

So, we will get back to talking about pigs, cows, goats (getting new ones this week), chickens (got several new ones, including more roosters, there will be a process of who gets eliminated), essential oils (what I’m using & for what purpose). Showing the changes we’re doing to the property…….cosmetically speaking.

I hope you’ll join me….follow me….

HI!! I’m back!!!!!!

Did you miss me?

Yeah…….Probably not, I’ve noticed traffic has dwindled…..but that’s ok.

If you haven’t been following me & just stumbled across my blog……Welcome.

If you’ve sort of been here……Welcome back & I hope you’ll stick around.

We finally got moved, now we just have to deal with clean up & I’m not looking forward to doing that either. Here or at the old place.

The family has managed to lose one of my important boxes from my office desk, I’m sure it’ll show up once we get more things unpacked, but in the meantime….I had to change my passwords for here & for one other blog & have to change email addresses as one of mine is getting shut off since my internet provider has changed (that has me really bummed), so there’s a lot of changes taking place. But at least I can get back to doing this site a little more frequently & get it back on track to where I wanted it to go.

LOTS of changes……but I’m excited.

Take care.